NEWARK, NJ — Shamrock Technologies announced that Al Pape has left the company. William B. Neuberg, principal owner and Chairman of Shamrock, will take over the duties of President.

Neuberg’s father, William D. Neuberg, founded Shamrock Technologies in 1941. Based in Newark, New Jersey, the company provides intermediates that go into printing ink, coatings, thermoplastics and elastomers, greases, and lubricants.

“We thank Mr. Pape for his leadership and service to Shamrock and wish him well,” Neuberg said. “As the principal owner, I have always been actively involved in guiding the direction of the company. My passion has always been to bring new and exciting products to our customers. Shamrock developed micronized wax and the use of recycled PTFE in printing ink. These innovations, and service to customers, have helped create the multi-national corporation Shamrock is today and will allow us to continue to provide new and exciting products in the future,” Neuberg added.