4. Nippon Paint Holdings Co.

Osaka, Japan



President: Tetsushi Tado

Coatings Sales: Approx. $5.5 billion

The first paint manufacturer in Japan, Nippon Paint is one of the world’s major automotive and decorative paint suppliers. In operation since 1881, the company produces coatings for the automotive and marine markets, as well as for industrial products. It also makes paints for residential and commercial buildings, and for the DIY market. While most sales come from paint, Nippon also has a small section that sells fine chemicals and surface treatment products. While most of the company’s production facilities are located in Asia, there are also multiple facilities in Europe, North America and South America.

Sales in 2018 for automotive coatings were approximately $1.5 billion. Trade-use paint accounted for approximately $2.9 billion in sales. Sales of industrial coatings were approximately $600 million, and other paint accounted for approximately $500 million.

The company has three subsidiaries in the United States under holding company Nippon Paint (USA) that manufacture and sell coatings: NB Coatings (market leader for coatings for plastic automotive components), NPA Coatings (automotive pretreatment and body coatings) and Dunn-Edwards Corp. (manufacturer of architectural and industrial coatings).

Source: Annual Report, Integrated Report 2018, press releases

Notes: In April of this year, the company announced the acquisition of the outstanding shares of Betek Boya and its subsidiaries (Betek Group). Headquartered in Istanbul, Betek Group is a manufacturer of decorative and industrial coatings and construction materials. In April, Nippon also announced the decision to acquire Dulux Group Ltd., a leading paint and coatings manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.

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