STAMFORD, CT — Specialty chemical distributor Azelis shared the results of the company’s third principal satisfaction survey. The survey tracks and measures how the company performs for its key partners and is in line with Azelis’ strategic goal to consistently deliver an excellent performance for these partners.

Azelis conducts the principal satisfaction survey on a bi-annual basis, and the third one took place in late 2018. Sent to 100 principals, the 2018 survey saw a response rate of 70%.

For the survey conducted in late 2018, Azelis’ overall satisfaction score improved to 4.06 (out of 5) compared to 3.19 in 2016. Principal management, long-term partnership, friendliness of the staff, strategic alignment, transparency and professionalism were all highly scored, both in 2016 and 2018.

Compared to the 2016 principal satisfaction survey, Azelis has improved most in sales forecasting, in-depth knowledge of principal products, limited staff turnover, and raising and handling customer complaints in an appropriate way.

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis Group CEO, said, “Partnerships are at the heart of our business, and I am grateful that our partners took the time and effort to share their perception about our work with us. Without their feedback, we would not be in the position to fine-tune our actions and constantly improve our service. We are proud of our continued enhanced performance but will not stop there — continuously driving improvement is a core value of Azelis. Eventually I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody in Azelis whose hard work and dedication were instrumental in this excellent performance.”