The Kemperol® 2K-FR color series was developed for commercial and low-slope roof designers who want the long-term protection of a cold liquid-applied, fully-reinforced membrane system but need an alternative to a white roof.

While white roofs are generally preferred where they can help reduce building cooling requirements, and may be required in some locales, their high reflectivity can cause heavy glare on floors immediately above and contribute to heat buildup and higher AC costs. An accent color may also be preferred for aesthetics on roofs visible from the ground.

The new color series is an odor-free polyurethane (PUR) resin membrane system that is tinted throughout and color-formulated to resist fading. Because there is no need to apply a separate topcoat over a membrane, the one-step application reduces labor and installation costs.

The Kemperol 2K-FR system is listed within numerous Class A fire-rated FM, UL and Miami Dade approvals.

Color options currently include: Light Gray, Military Beige, Patina Green, Reflect White and Stone Gray. The first two options match shades of popular single-ply membranes for an integrated liquid-flashing solution. 

For roof projects that need a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) roofing, Kemper System offers two cool-roof membrane systems – Kemperol Reflect 2K-FR (SRI 110), a PUR from which the new color series is derived, and Kemperol AC Speed (SRI 108), a PMMA. Both are Cool Roof Rating Council compliant. The Kemper System portfolio also includes two reflective elastomeric-based coating products – Roof Guardian® RG-180, a fibered white acrylic elastomeric roof (SRI 108), and Roof Guardian RG-170, a non-fibered white elastomeric coating (SRI 109). 

To safely keep membrane roofs clean and free from surface residues, Kemper System offers Kempertec® Klean, a solvent-free, VOC-free, biodegradable membrane cleaner.

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