HOUSTON – Carbon black supplier Orion Engineered Carbons S.A. is opening a new technical service applications laboratory in New Jersey. Orion is investing in customer service with this expansion of its global network of laboratories. In addition to serving coatings and ink customers in the Americas, the lab will take on projects with global application and investigate fundamental advancements in carbon black technology.

“This laboratory will enable us to fast-track customer support, drive new product introductions and strengthen our Specialty Carbon Black business in the Americas,” said Corning Painter, CEO. “We will be able to formulate, run application testing on solvent- and water-based coatings as well as printing inks. This lab will also serve as the platform for future technical development in other key carbon black markets.”

Dave Deters, Senior Vice President, Innovation, said, “The new technical service laboratory will enable our customers to accelerate their own research and development in formulations containing carbon black and enhance collaborations. The lab will utilize new and existing products from our extensive carbon black portfolio to optimize formulas and help our customers serve their markets even better.” Orion moved into the laboratory space on Sept. 3 and expects it to be fully operational by Oct. 31, 2019.