Sherwin-Williams has developed a new pouch format for its FasTop flooring range. Available to purchase from November 11th in Europe and the Middle East, the new FasTop four-pack system provides customers with the relevant pouch color, universal base and hardener with the appropriate aggregate filler, facilitating quicker and easier installation.

The FasTop range delivers significant time-saving benefits for customers. For example, the FasTop system can be installed with a single application and takes just a matter of hours to cure.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, commented, “FasTop systems are HACCP accredited and have a great track record. The innovative new pouch packaging offers major time and cost-saving advantages for projects across a range of industry sectors with quicker installation times and reduced waste.”

In addition to easier application and timesaving advantages, the FasTop four-pack system ensures long-term floor protection and reduced costs through the use of innovative cementitious urethane resin technology. And with improved compact packaging, customers benefit from reduced product, packaging waste, a cleaner job site with much smaller space needed to store the new system. 

The quick-curing FasTop range is accredited as food safe by The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point agency (HACCP) and is ideal for use in commercial kitchens, as well as heavy-duty traffic areas and chemical and pharmaceutical processing plants.

To learn more about the FasTop system or other high performance flooring systems visit the Sherwin-Williams website.