FT LAUDERDALE, FL – Element Solutions Inc., parent company of several businesses innovating and manufacturing surface treatment chemicals and materials, announced the launch of the first Element Solutions Innovation Prize. The $15,000 prize competition is open to all levels of students and invites proposals on the topic of metal coatings science. The Innovation Prize program seeks to encourage and honor emerging talent in this technical field by providing a platform for global recognition and monetary support of their research.

The application process for the Innovation Prize is open until Feb. 20, 2020, with award celebrations expected in summer 2020. “Chemists and material scientists improve the lives of all global citizens, but their work is not frequently celebrated publicly. We hope the Innovation Prize will call attention to this challenging and rewarding field and encourage new scientists to explore surface modification chemistry,” said Dr. Timothy Gotsick, Chairman of the Innovation Prize committee.

Element Solutions Inc. CEO Ben Gliklich added, “There is great, relevant technology residing in academic settings, and there is also great talent currently studying in our focus areas. This prize is intended to help us identify both. We are proud to encourage the spirit of innovation and support research in chemistry and materials science.”

For additional information about Element Solutions Innovation Prize, or to submit an application, visit esiinnovation.com.

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