AMSTERDAM — AkzoNobel, manufacturer of the Awlgrip® and Interlux® brands of yacht coatings, announced a partnership with representative company Thomas H. Connolly & Sons to deliver enhanced service levels for yacht coatings customers in the United States and eastern Canada. With their support retailers, boatyards, boat builders and OEMs across both regions will receive enhanced service levels and additional support as part of the product offerings of Awlgrip and Interlux.

“Thomas H. Connolly & Sons knows and is known in the industry,” said Bill Carroll, President of the company. “We just work hard and smart day-in and day-out for suppliers and customers,” added Kevin O’Brien, VP. “With five passionate representatives already engaged in communities from Virginia to the Canadian Maritimes, we specialize in building solid relationships with dealers and builders. We are thrilled to be working with AkzoNobel to provide an even better experience to customers of the Awlgrip and Interlux brands, while also helping to expand their existing customer base.”

Awlgrip provides professional applicators and boat builders with the products to achieve the desired aesthetics and meet the evolving standards of the luxury yacht industry. Meanwhile, Interlux provides the highest standard of protection and care for all kinds of vessels and is an integral part of the DIY yacht coatings market.

“Partnering with Thomas H. Connolly & Sons is a great opportunity for both ourselves and our customers,” said Andrew Lillos, U.S. Northern Sales Manager for yacht coatings at AkzoNobel. “By increasing our presence, this partnership will allow us to better serve our existing customers in the U.S. and Canada East, as well as forge new and exciting partnerships throughout the region. We look forward to enhancing our customer experience with the support of Thomas H. Connolly & Sons.”

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