REDCAR, UK — Graphene is an exciting new material technology. However, as with many completely new materials, introducing it to long-established industrial markets can prove a lengthy and resource intensive process. That is why Applied Graphene Materials (AGM), which is leading the way in introducing graphene to the coatings industry, has invested extensively in its development and testing capabilities, providing technical support to a global customer base that is moving to adopt graphene as early as possible.

The introduction of AGM’s Genable® dispersion range has provided coating industry formulators with a valuable toolbox of production: ready, easy-to-use graphene additives all proven to deliver exceptional enhancements to barrier and anti-corrosion properties. AGM’s innovation partners have benefitted from an end-to-end approach to product integration support, providing access to a team of experienced coatings formulators and an array of industry leading characterization and testing equipment.

First stop in any development program is AGM’s technical support team, which boasts extensive experience in coatings formulation and integrating novel products into manufacturing processes. AGM’s team works closely alongside partners and ensures all development and scale-up programs remain on track to clearly defined technical and commercial objectives.

Supporting the technical service team is a comprehensive assortment of materials characterization and testing equipment. Within AGM’s laboratories, customers have access to full coatings testing capability, ranging from dispersion stability assessment, mechanical property measurements, and a range of accelerated barrier performance testing equipment including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, salt spray (neutral salt spray and prohesion), immersion testing and QUV weathering testing. All testing is completed to industry standards and to precise customer needs.

Along with an array of testing capability, AGM is able to support customers with a substantial library of Technical Application Notes. These have been written specifically to guide customers through the process of formulating with this novel graphene material and to enable a clear understanding of the route to successful integration.

AGM’s strategy is one of full and open collaboration, and the recent steady flow of grapheme-enhanced coatings launches by customers is a strong testament to the success of this approach.

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