WAALWIJK, Netherlands – Fitz Chem, of the Nagase Group, is now distributing aziridine and carbodiimide crosslinkers for Stahl Polymers. The company announced that as of June 1, 2020, Fitz Chem now carries out all promotional activities throughout the United States. Fitz Chem is a distributor of specialty chemicals based outside of Chicago.

Stahl has over 50 years of experience in polymer technology, and its polymers division supplies various industries with resins for high-end coatings. Stahl’s innovative polymer technologies provide the desired properties, matching the precise needs for coatings, paints and inks.

“The Fitz Chem team is pleased to announce our partnership with Stahl Polymers. Aside from the obvious augmentation of our existing product lines, we are excited to team up with a company who shares our core value of integrity,” said Al Bernhardt, Vice President of Performance Chemicals at Fitz Chem, NAGASE Group. “The collaboration between our two companies will link Stahl’s product portfolio – known for quality and excellence – to our ability to efficiently ascertain and service the needs of the coatings industry”.

Raymond Bakker, Global Business Director of Stahl Polymers, said, “We believe in working together with partners like Fitz Chem who know the local markets and share our values and knowledge of polymers. With their many years of relevant experience, we know that they will be able to convert the increasing demand of aziridines and to an even higher extent carbodiimide crosslinkers in the U.S.”