CLEVELAND – Chemical distributor Palmer Holland is partnering with Agilis Chemicals, a New Jersey-based technology company, to launch an e-commerce portal for its Health & Nutrition portfolio.

Palmer Holland is exploring innovative ways of using technology to better serve its growing customer base. Agilis helps ingredient distributors like Palmer Holland take its business online, without disrupting established business practices.

“The partnership between Palmer Holland and Agilis illustrates our commitment to offering our customers an easy and efficient way to do business with us,” said Bret Horace, Business Director of Palmer Holland’s Health & Nutrition business. “We chose Agilis because of their technology expertise, industry experience, and their unique approach to implementing digital commerce solutions designed specifically for the chemical industry.” 

“This project allows us to demonstrate how our solutions can help specialty and ingredient chemical distributors drive business growth while protecting and augmenting their brand and the brands of their key principals,” said Jay Bhatia, Founder and CEO of Agilis Chemicals. Gregg Scieszka, Agilis Vice President of Sales added, “Agilis’ digital growth platform is an exciting supplement to the existing commercial growth efforts of Palmer Holland Health & Nutrition.”