CLEVELAND – Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes and SATA, a leading spray gun manufacturer based in Kornwestheim, Germany, have teamed up to host the Spray Your Way Contest based on the SATA Custom Design Gun Configurator. The contest invites participants to submit their original, unique spray gun artwork to SATA’s custom design site. The winning design will be featured on 1,000 Sherwin-Williams Special Edition SATA X5500 spray guns, available for purchase in 2021.

“The Spray Your Way Contest creates an opportunity for automotive pros to showcase their creativity,” said Justin Binns, President & GM, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “Instead of being tasked to meet manufacturer or customer design specifications, the contest enables finishers to reveal their artistic and imaginative side – demonstrating how they would spray their way.”

Sherwin-Williams will choose three semi-finalist designs based on the following criteria: composition, creativity, uniqueness and color. Once these individuals are announced, Sherwin-Williams will post an online voting poll, encouraging the public to vote for their favorite design. The design with the most votes will win the grand prize.

The grand prize winner will receive one of their custom-designed spray guns, an SATA Adam 2™ digital micrometer, a Sherwin-Williams Pro Signature reusable spray suit and $3,600 in House of Kolor® products. The remaining two semi-finalists will each receive a spray gun that will feature each of their designs and $750 in House of Kolor products.

“As skilled craftsmen, automotive refinishers appreciate the art of precision,” said Jason Gravenhof of Dan-Am Co./SATA. “The Spray Your Way Design Contest provides a different, more creative outlet for them to show their skills. This time, the spray gun itself is the blank canvas.”

Contest entries will be accepted from not until Sept. 30 and must be submitted through the contest website. The three finalists will be revealed on Oct. 5, and the grand prize winner will be announced on Oct. 16. Individuals 18 and older are eligible for participation, except for Sherwin-Williams employees and design companies or institutions affiliated with Sherwin-Williams.

To view official Spray Your Way Contest rules and entry guidelines, click here.