Using its proprietary technologies, Siltech (Booth #45) develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds and related specialties for specific customer applications. With more than 25 years of experience, and two manufacturing facilities, the company’s expertise includes organo-modified silicone surfactants and silicone polymers, including a full line of cationic, quaternary and di-functional silicones, as well as a large number of reactive silicones. Siltech owns more than 30 patents.

Silicone inks and coatings additives have long been recognized as providing special properties, including improved slip, gloss, mar resistance, leveling and foam control. Furthermore, because silicones are efficient at very low concentrations, they are cost effective, and thus widely used.

Siltech’s expertise in reactive silicones dovetails with industry needs to bind into a coating as well as modification of resins for hybrid properties.

All Siltech products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that they meet customer needs. Siltech also offers the flexibility of providing many of these products either in an appropriate solvent, or neat. They are designed to meet specific requirements of various coating systems such as high solids, water-based, or energy curing.

In addition to an extensive portfolio of products, Siltech welcomes the opportunity to partner with customers to develop unique silicones for specific applications.