RICHMOND, CA - Brilliant Group Inc. announced that its warehouse location in The Netherlands is fully operational. The facility in Venlo, initiated in partnership with Broekman Logistics in 2019, now maintains inventory of several tons of daylight fluorescent pigments, colorants, dispersions, and paint and ink concentrates.

Locating inventory of a wide variety of product options on the European continent ensures fast delivery and reduces shipping costs for distributors and direct customers across the region. Brilliant is committed to growing in Europe and, having invested heavily in regulatory compliance and an innovative range of problem-solving materials for paste and liquid inks, conventional and energy curable, plastics and surface coatings, maintaining local inventory is the logical next step.

“After a number of years supporting the European market through a talented and dedicated group of distributors, we’re excited to establish our own stockholding in the European Union,” Darren Bianchi, Brilliant Group’s CEO, said. “By doing so, we can better serve the needs of distributors and customers and shorten the cycle time from order to their door. Our mission is to make using fluorescents simple so this increased ease of access and shortened timing of delivery is a major step in support of our customers.”

The new warehouse location means Brilliant’s customers located in Europe will have access to over 50 key products in stock, available for fast delivery; will experience reduced clearance times and costs because products enter the European mainland via the region’s largest and most efficient seaport; and will receive faster adaptation to regional product preferences.

Founded in 2007, Brilliant Group provides a simple, end-to-end experience for manufacturers to implement fluorescent pigments. Directly and through a global distribution network, the company provides local inventory of best-of-breed fluorescent technology and technical support familiar with a wide variety of applications. Offerings include a broad range of daylight fluorescent pigments, colorants, dispersions, and paint and ink concentrates for plastics, inks, paints, textiles, and stationery applications.