WALTHAM, MA – Excelitas Technologies® Corp. recently launched its next-generation spot UV curing system, the OmniCure® S2000 Elite. The new S2000 Elite product offers new and enhanced features for greater versatility and best-in-class UV spot curing for applications in the assembly of medical devices, electronics, optical components and automotive products.

The new OmniCure S2000 Elite maintains the same curing performance as the original OmniCure S2000 while adding an entirely new toolset to improve productivity, usability and security. It features proprietary OmniCure Closed-Loop Feedback control technology, which automatically monitors and maintains the optical output for a repeatable curing process. A new high-speed shutter with 30ms response time ensures the precise dose for any application every time. Excelitas’ patented Intelli-Lamp® technology maximizes lamp life while maintaining hours of use and providing an estimated effective lamp service-life based on the system’s parameters.

The OmniCure S2000 Elite system is Industry 4.0-ready with the latest communication capabilities, such as programmable PLC inputs and outputs, a USB connection, an SD card slot, an Ethernet port to connect the system to a LAN and Near-Field Communication (NFC). Wireless remote management and monitoring is available from any device through the WEB GUI (Graphical User Interface) while expanding all the options and features available from the system’s touchscreen to a laptop or tablet.

The S2000 Elite has a high-resolution 4.3” diagonal LCD touchscreen with wide-angle viewing of enhanced navigation and key system parameters and settings. Its new advanced graphical user interface enables intuitive control and configuration changes available right at the user’s fingertips. A powerful ladder logic-based StepCure® program is accessible from the touchscreen’s GUI or remotely through the WEB GUI. StepCure allows users to build from simple to the most intricate curing profiles while controlling up to eight external PLC output channels, enabling an easy and cost-effective method to automate the ultraviolet curing process for optimal consistency and repeatability.

To maintain process compatibility and simplify upgrades for customers currently using the original S2000, the new S2000 Elite maintains the same 200W Hg lamp, with an identical spectral output and the same selection of optical filters; and it uses the same liquid and high-power fiber light guides to deliver the same excellence in UV curing.

The S2000 Elite is also compatible with the NIST traceable R2000 radiometer. Its radiometry accessories allow the S2000 Elite to be calibrated and its cure profile to be set in absolute peak irradiance (W/cm2) or optical power (W). The new curing system features field-interchangeable lamps and optical band pass filters. An enhanced, encrypted Intelli-Lamp ensures the most reliable and consistent cure.

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