WAALWIJK, the Netherlands – IGM Resins recently confirmed it will continue to supply its photoinitiators to the UV industry through its increasingly China-independent manufacturing site in Mortara, Italy. As China implements tighter environmental controls on energy-intensive industries, there is a possibility of significant disruption to supply chains and manufacturing operations in the industry.

As a result of the new environmental measures for dual control of energy consumption in the past weeks, local governments of many provinces in China have started to issue detailed control measures, which significantly impact both the supply of raw materials and the capabilities of production locations. Industry experts expect manufacturing-related disruptions will last well into 2022.

Thanks to its strategic planning efforts over the past years, IGM Resins will be able to continue providing security of supply to its customers around the world. Specifically, its site in Mortara, Italy, which IGM Resins reports is the only photoinitiator production site in Europe and the largest outside of China, is already almost China-independent at the level of both first- and second-tier raw materials and will be fully China-independent by January 2022. In addition, while IGM Resins’ new Anqing production site in China is not currently impacted by local regulatory controls, IGM Resins is working with its partners to undertake further strong risk and mitigation planning.

Wilfrid Gambade, CEO IGM Resins, commented, “Unfortunately, fortunately! Unfortunately, another supply disruption is impacting our UV market. Fortunately, IGM has learnt from the past years and worked hard to make our Mortara site in Italy China-independent. Today, I’m proud to see that our strategic positioning and capital investments will ensure continued supply of high-quality products and services to our valued partners.”

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