WASHINGTON – The Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) recently announced the launch of a new campaign focusing on antimicrobial material preservatives to highlight how these chemistries contribute to economic and environmental sustainability by enhancing the durability and lifespan of products and materials.

The campaign will call attention to how antimicrobial material preservatives promote responsible consumption and economic practices by reducing waste and the need for replacement products. It will also go beyond just their contributions to sustainability and emphasize how material preservatives strengthen and fortify products and materials. 

The material preservatives campaign will illustrate how integral material preservatives are to meeting sustainability goals, such as those of the United Nations, across a wide range of industries. It will include the creation of a new suite of information resources, housed on both CBC’s and Good Chemistry Lives Here’s (GCLH) websites, which will cover how material preservatives help strengthen products across numerous market sectors. 

“Material preservatives are so critical to enhancing products that we use every day, yet their economic and environmental benefits often fly under the radar,” said CBC Executive Director Komal K. Jain. “This campaign aims to showcase not only how these versatile chemistries help promote sustainability, but how they enhance our everyday lives in ways that often go unnoticed.”

Along with their presence in common consumer goods, the CBC campaign will also illustrate the degree to which antimicrobial material preservatives are used in industry and manufacturing applications. For example, these chemistries are used to extend the life of industrial coatings, railroad ties, and utility poles, and treated wood is commonly used to build piers, docks, and marina structures.

For more information, visit CBC’s website and https://goodchemistryliveshere.com/