GAINESVILLE, TX — Polychem Coatings, an IFS Coatings brand, recently launched its 2022-23 powder coating color trend palettes. Available in sustainable, protective powder coatings, the Polychem Powder Coating Color Trends 2022-23 consist of 23 colors that represent the trends we see around us. The colors reflect our desire for self expression and multi-functionality in every aspect of our life and the continuing impact of living in a visual society.

The color palette includes: soft neutrals for safety, stability and calm; natural and life embracing greens; blue toned grays; landscape-inspired warm, earthy tones; optimistic and creative blues, purple and pink; and luxurious golds. The colors are enhanced with subtle effects to bring depth and interest to the shade.

Polychem Manager Lauren Bayer explained, “The 2022-23 trend palette includes colors and effects applicable across all of our design-driven markets, and making sure that these trend colors are available in gorgeous, sustainable, and competitively priced coatings for metal applications is an exciting part of the Polychem offering.”

This year's trend color rings are available now, and the color trend powders are available from five-pound packages and upward. Visit or e-mail for free sample chips.