DOWNERS GROVE, IL – Univar Solutions Inc. recently announced its selection as the exclusive distributor of Diexter-G™, Isoexter™ and Hydroexter™ from COIM USA Inc. in the United States and Canada. COIM's polyester polyols and specialty resins are used to enhance the properties of coatings, adhesives and sealants (CAS) and will complement Univar Solutions' existing CAS product lines.

"We're excited to enhance our already robust high-performance polyester and polyurethane technologies product line through our new collaboration with COIM. This allows Univar Solutions to be even more valuable to our customers and help solve their toughest challenges, develop more innovative and sustainable products and reduce time to market," said Chris Fitzgerald, Global Vice President, CASE, Rubber and Plastic Additives for Univar Solutions. "With this exclusive authorization, we continue to strengthen our product portfolio, expand our ability to meet the needs of customers in the United States and Canada and drive new growth opportunities through higher performing and more innovative and sustainable solutions."