LONDONDERRY, NH – Admix Inc. announced the acquisition of Diaf Pilvad ApS, a manufacturer and supplier of dispersion and agitation equipment headquartered in Denmark. Diaf Pilvad provides equipment from laboratory scale agitators to large turnkey projects; its machinery is exported worldwide.

Mike Rizzo, CEO of Admix Inc., said, "We are thrilled to bring Diaf Pilvad on board. They are a company with a talented team whose standards for creating the best possible customer experience are aligned with our values. Their long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, combined with years of industrial expertise, fits perfectly with our EMEA and global growth strategy.”

Diaf Pilvad operates a product development and manufacturing facility in Fredensborg, Denmark, 14 km northeast of Admix Europe ApS. Efforts to integrate the two companies will begin immediately to provide the customers of both companies’ additional products and services. A new state-of-the-art demonstration and testing center will be constructed, with its opening planned for the fall of 2022, to further support regional customers and prospects.

“The acquisition will accelerate our ability to offer processors of paints, coatings, inks, and other chemical products, a complete solution for their mixing operations as well as provide an extensive engineering and manufacturing capability for our EMEA customers,” said Knud Erik Juhl Jensen, General Manager of Admix Europe. “With this acquisition we will be able to grow and further develop our business in EMEA. We plan to relocate our Admix Europe operations to Diaf Pilvad’s facility in Fredensborg to fully integrate our businesses and organizations, and plan to hire additional employees in the near future.”

Diaf Pilvad has been 100% owned and managed by Erik Pilvad, and Pilvad will continue with the company for six months to help with the transition. Pilvad said, “I am very pleased that it is precisely Admix Europe ApS who is purchasing my company. We have had a good business collaboration for many years, as we operate in terms of products within the same industry area. In my opinion, the merger is a perfect match, where significant synergies are achieved by merging the two companies.

“I started the company back in 1973, so it is very dear to me, and I will do everything to ensure a good future for the company and its employees. The plan is for the combined company to continue from the premises in Fredensborg.”

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