MUNICH — The label and packaging material manufacturer Avery Dennison honored WACKER Group for its outstanding service with its Supplier Distinction Award for high reliability, excellent customer service, and product quality. The chemical company, which supplies Avery Dennison with silicone-based release agents for release papers, had already been recognized for its excellent service in 2019.

At this year’s award ceremony, Avery Dennison honored a total of 24 service providers and raw material suppliers, including companies that helped prevent production downtime by continuing deliveries during winter storm Uri early last year in the United States. WACKER reports that the company was recognized for its outstanding service, with special emphasis placed on the company’s cooperation and reliability. 

“WACKER met all of the key metrics to qualify and was recognized for outstanding service and support that went above and beyond our expectations”, said Kamran Kian, Avery Dennison’s Vice President Global Operations Supply Chain Label and Graphic Materials.

Tom Johnson, Senior Director Global Procurement Chemicals & Adhesives, pointed out that as a global supplier of silicone chemicals used in Avery Dennison’s formulations WACKER’s reliability, business stability and innovation led to increased collaboration globally. “Even with surging costs and global logistical constraints, WACKER continued to provide our business with impeccable service, delivery and product quality, while supporting our volume growth throughout the year while others could not,” he said.

Ian Moore, Vice President of Consumer Silicones at WACKER, emphasized the value of the award for his company and his team. “The last two years were challenging for our industry, which is why we are honored to receive this recognition for our service to support Avery’s success in 2021.” Moore added that Avery’s Supplier Distinction Award is not only “a recognition for those who work with you every day, but also for the many hundreds of WACKER employees around the world and our partners who made this possible.”

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