NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, England — METER MIX recently announced that it has restructured its product portfolio. Customers can now choose between two different material categories: machines for processing liquids and machines for processing pastes. Within the two categories, customers can then choose between two different technologies: material dispensed by continuous flow and material dispensed by shot.

The LiquidFlow and PasteFlow series utilizes gear pump or progressive cavity pump technology. Further benefits are pulsation-free dispensing, variable mixing ratio and accurate flowrate control.

The LiquidShot and PasteShot series utilizes piston pump technology for reliable and robust operation. A further benefit of this technology is the precisely achievable metered shot sizes.

METER MIX SYSTEMS specializes in metering, mixing and dispensing solutions for industries in which the production process involves potting, bonding, sealing, RIM and many more. METER MIX machines are used to process two-component materials such as epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones. 

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