13. Tnemec Company, Inc.

Kansas City, MO


CEO/President: Chase Bean

2021 Coatings Sales: $158.5 million


A manufacturer of industrial and architectural protective coatings, Tnemec Company, Inc. supplies high-performance coatings and linings for water tanks, wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities and specialty architectural structures. In operation since 1921, the company offers over 120 products, including the StrataShield line of resinous floor and wall coatings, and Chemprobe water repellents and stains for concrete, masonry and wood. The company has manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Dallas, Texas; and Shanghai, China. It operates distribution facilities in Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; New Orleans, Louisiana; Seattle, Washington; and Compton, California.
Notes:In October 2021, Tnemec announced the acquisition of Epoxytec International Inc., a manufacturer of protective and structural-grade coatings and linings. The acquisition brings the two family-owned companies together to offer solutions in structural-grade epoxies on a larger scale.
Source:Company contact, press releases