INDCO AS-series air stirrers feature an air drive mixing head with variable speed that operates with less risk of explosion when mixing solvents or other flammable materials. Rated for heavy usage, this 1 ½ HP AS15A-S produces a maximum torque of 55 in-pounds and is driven by a lightweight Gast air motor known for rugged construction and reliability. Maximum agitation is achieved when supplied with 100 PSI at 70 CFM. Variable speed allows the flexibility for mixing multiple materials or applications. When combined with a ½” by 18” stainless steel shaft, a 5”, 3-blade impeller (model MP550), a mixer support clamp (model BL426) and a 36” mixing stand with a 14”x16” base (model IAX-23), the AS15A-S forms a complete, ready-to-use mixing package.

Air stirrers are available with motors from ½HP to 1 ½ HP. Stand models and hand-held versions are available including some models that are gear-driven for added torque. Electric models are also available in varying motor sizes to suit a wide range of mixing applications. All INDCO products are made in the United States with warranties. Their team of mixing engineers are available to provide selection and application assistance.

Full information is available on their comprehensive website,