The International Paint Recycling Association (IPRA), which is facilitated by Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) and was developed by PSI in partnership with recycled paint manufacturers, just released some impressive statistics in its 2021 Annual Report.

During the fiscal year, IPRA members — an association of nine North American recycled paint manufacturers with decades of industry experience — worked in ten states and the District of Columbia to collect an estimated 6.6 million gallons of leftover latex paint. Of this paint, members reused or recycled more than 4.7 million gallons, resulting in a 71% paint-to-paint recycling rate.

“Our impact is extraordinary,” said Josh Wiwcharyk, President of IPRA and of Loop Recycled Products, one of IPRA’s founding members. “We kept the equivalent of 250 swimming pools’ worth of paint out of landfills and supported more than 3,200 recycling jobs — even in a pandemic. When you crunch the numbers, recycled paint just makes sense.”

IPRA members also worked hard to expand the market for recycled paint and promote paint sustainability, testifying in support of paint stewardship legislation in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Missouri — a first-time bill, which will be reintroduced in the 2023 legislative session along with bills in each of the other active states. And they joined forces with PaintCare and the American Coatings Association, which represents the paint industry, to support the launch of the latest paint stewardship program, which kicked off in New York in May.

“Global sustainability is on the rise, and in response, IPRA continues to keep the recycled paint industry on the front lines,” said Scott Cassel, CEO and founder of PSI. “Together, we seek to lead the paint industry towards a zero-waste future and continue to promote the circular economy – both industry-wide and around the world.”

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