Coval Technologies recently produced its first batch of nanotechnology coatings in its new Singapore production facility. The company moved its global headquarters from Houston, Texas to Singapore in March 2022. Coval mixed the raw materials on October 10, 2022 to create its products: Concrete Matte and Gloss, and Ultimate Top Coat Matte and Gloss. The first batch of finished product totaled 2,300 liters.

“The production in Singapore puts us closer to our customers, shortening the supply chain for delivery and cost of shipping,” said Mike Ellsworth, CEO of Coval.

According to Coval, Asia is the fastest growing market for concrete floors. Coval's headquarters are located in Frasers Tower at 182 Cecil Street, Singapore, and it is responsible for all markets outside of the United States. Houston, Texas remains the production facility for its nearly three dozen distributors in the United States. Coval believes Singapore is a fitting worldwide headquarters location for the company to pursue its vision to drive covalent technology for a more sustainable future.

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