FLEXcon Company, Inc. has expanded its sustainable packaging line with FLEXcon® optiFLEX® THIN ecoFOCUS™. Designed with sustainability in mind, optiFLEX THIN ecoFOCUS is a line of down-gauged versions of the company’s other optiFLEX ecoFOCUS products. The white and silver BOPP products and both PE products are the first thin products on the market to be recognized by the APR. The PE films, which utilize FLEXcon’s V-127RE adhesive, offer conformability, making them ideal for rigid, semi-squeeze, and full-squeeze HDPE containers. They also offer a benefit over other film types for HDPE containers by pairing like polymers, which more easily traverse the recycle stream, resulting in less waste.

All products in the optiFLEX THIN ecoFOCUS line are cross-platform printable, supporting a variety of print methods to help reduce SKUs. They are also compliant with FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact. Wide web rolls are available from Quick-Ship inventory – clear and white BOPPs in 76” masters; clear and white PEs in 60” masters.


For more information, visit: www.FLEXcon.com.