With sustainability as a guiding principle, Heubach’s Zeitgeist 2023 Decorative Color Trends set a new direction in color and application techniques for decorative coatings. Zeitgeist invokes the mood of the age, and perhaps no feeling more closely reflects this spirit of the time than that we must salvage our planet 

Based on the topics “Impetus,” “Free Rein,” “Y-Files,” and “Deep Space,” Heubach has developed four color palettes from traditional, natural-driven soft tones, to intense and bright shades. The four color palettes consist of 21 color trends, including The Color of the Year (COTY) 2023 – GOOD JINN, a dark and intense blue hue which is great for drawing the focus of a room to some special feature – a large window or a nice painting or piece of furniture.

“To each color trend, we offer matching color tones, and the basis for each is a guiding formulation available in our formula guide. This allows customers to match any color they aim for in modern architectural paints,” said Franziska Trapp, segment head Decorative and Wood Coatings, Global Technical Marketing Coatings, at Heubach.

All Zeitgeist shades are formulated with Colanyl® 500 waterborne pigment preparations. The resin-free and low-VOC range combines the advantages of broad compatibility in waterborne architectural coatings and suitability for point-of-sale and in-plant tinting. It also offers a well-balanced mixture of high- and medium-pigment content for economical coloring, optimized preservation, and minimized settling behavior for a long shelf life of up to two years, no impact on film hardness or abrasion resistance, and has good hiding power – even in light color areas. Colanyl 500 is low-VOC, and manufactured without using alkylphenol ethoxylate additives (APEO).

For more information, visit: www.heubach.com.