Active Minerals International LLC (AMI) is a trusted source of gel-grade attapulgite and air-float kaolin clay-based mineral products. Our high customer satisfaction is founded in our intense focus on in-spec, on-time/every time that’s supported by a robust QMS and world-class customer service.

Syneresis Control, Suspension, Rheology Modification and Much More…

For many decades Min-U-Gel® attapulgite thixotropic thickeners have been the best value for low-shear rheology control (flow & leveling, sag control, spatter resistance and more) in a wide range of liquid systems. They also suspend, control syneresis, reduce pigment floating and flooding, and improve tint strength, freeze-thaw and in-can stability. Min-U-Gel 400 grade can partially replace and enhance cellulosic fibers and associative thickeners to lower cost and improve overall coating properties.

Acti-Gel® 208 purified magnesium aluminosilicate greatly improves stabilization and rheology of high solids systems. It allows an increase in solids, while improving flowability and maintaining viscosity and suspension. Its lower dosage and easy dispersion is popular as a post-add (“add-on-top”) fix for syneresis and pigment float and flooding problems, without changing rheology or making any formulary adjustments. In color concentrates, Acti-Gel 2018 provides improved flowability to aid droplet formation and improves long term stability. Its low dosage has no impact on color and 5-10% higher pigment loadings are possible without increasing viscosity.

Unlike other rheology modifiers, the viscosities generated by Min-U-Gel and Acti-Gel products do not fade or creep and are stable under extended shear, ionic and bacterial conditions, and all pH and temperatures.

Cost-Reducing Kaolin Extender Pigment

Air-float kaolins have long been used in a variety of coatings providing performance advantages in sheen & gloss control, enamel holdout, anti-settling, and sanding, but their low brightness restricted their use in light colored coatings. Acti-Min® PG kaolin extender pigment, with its higher brightness and finer particle size, can successfully replace higher cost water-washed kaolin products. It provides three distinct advantages: lower raw material cost, higher sheen & gloss control and greater TiO2 replacement.

Industries Served

Water and solvent-based liquid system such as: coatings, adhesives, sealants, tape joint compounds, drilling muds, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, plaster, concrete, ceramic glazes, refractories and more.

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