TRInternational, Inc. is one of the largest women-owned, full-line distributors of raw materials and ingredients in North America. From our dedicated customer service and procurement teams to our blending and toll manufacturing services, our goal is to always exceed your expectations by providing unique solutions for your business to succeed. Our commitment stands out from the crowd because we view our role as ensuring the operations and production capabilities of our customers continue no matter what. We see ourselves as a real partner not only in terms of accessing products we bring to the US, but also in our dedication to staying on top of current market trends to inform our strategic recommendations for our customers.

Our core competencies include:

  • Raw Material Sourcing & Diversification Solutions
  • Dedicated Operations, Logistics, & Support
  • Customer-Specific Product Alternatives & Offsets
  • Custom Manufacturing, Formulation, Packaging, & Storage Services

TRI is committed to solving each client’s unique supply chain needs. Our specialty lies in the diversification of supply chains, and we serve as a secondary and tertiary source of chemical and raw material supply for many of our customers. TRI will help to ensure that your supply chain is truly diversified.

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