Green Seal has been accepted as an ISEAL community member, joining a group of sustainability organizations that are driving social and environmental change across multiple sectors. ISEAL is a global membership organization that helps sustainability systems accelerate change on critical global challenges, drive impact, and establish markets. The organization works to define credible practices, encourage shared experiences and collective action, deliver expertise and training, and facilitate innovations to strengthen sustainability systems by creating effective and scalable solutions. ISEAL’s members are sustainability systems and accrediting organizations that are transparent and truthful about their operating practices and impact reporting methods, and are committed to both improving their systems and achieving measurable impacts.

“We are proud that Green Seal has been accepted as a community member by the leading global membership organization that supports ambitious sustainability systems to tackle the world's most pressing challenges,” said Doug Gatlin, CEO of Green Seal. “Green Seal has long been respected as a credible eco-certifier on the global stage, and ISEAL community membership pushes us to reach new levels of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement to achieve our mission.  ISEAL’s rigorous approach aligns with Green Seal’s long-held values – we are thrilled to join this committed group of organizations.”

“Green Seal was one of the very first eco-label systems in the marketplace, and I am very pleased to welcome them to the ISEAL community,” said Karin Kreider, executive director for ISEAL. “Over the past 30 years, they have provided an important contribution to the challenges to reduce harmful manufacturing inputs and processes across a range of products– a welcome addition to the ISEAL learning community.”

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