Archroma announced the closing of the acquisition of the textile effects business from Huntsman Corp. Archroma is a portfolio company of U.S.-based private investment firm SK Capital Partners. Since its formation in 2013, the company has been building a portfolio of solutions to serve the apparel, textiles, packaging, paper, coatings, and adhesives and sealants markets. Archroma has previously acquired the global textile chemicals business of BASF, M. Dohmen, and the stilbene-based paper optical brightener business of BASF.

In addition to the closing of the textile effects acquisition, Archroma announced that it has updated its overall business into two operating divisions for growth, each focused on a separate end market. The textile effects business acquired from Huntsman will be integrated with the brand and performance textile specialties business of Archroma into one new division named Archroma textile effects. The packaging and paper specialties and coatings business and adhesives and sealants business of Archroma have been recently combined into one new division named Archroma paper, packaging, and coatings.

“We are very proud of Archroma’s achievements in recent years which have been driven by innovation and organic initiatives, as well as the integration of strategic acquisitions,” said Heike van de Kerkhof, Archroma Group CEO. “We have made substantial investments in development and production of high performance and earth-friendlier dyes, as well as a host of systems and solutions that reduce the environmental and energy footprints of the mills, leading the industry’s efforts to offer more sustainable products to the consumers. The acquisition of Huntsman textile effects enhances Archroma’s position as a leader in innovation, service and sustainability and creates a powerhouse with superior capabilities to serve our customers and markets.”

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