Dürr has launched its new ISO 50001-certified energy management solution DXQenergy.management. The management solution provides plant operators with a transparent overview of energy and media consumption across the entire production plant, making it possible to quickly identify primary consumers at the plant level.

Dürr’s energy management solution transparently displays the necessary data to the user in clearly arranged dashboards. Various views are available to quickly see relevant gas, electricity, water, paint, or solvent consumption for the entire plant or select areas like individual process lines. DXQenergy.management continuously monitors the data recorded by the linked sensors and saves this data in a central location. Current consumption value can also be compared with an earlier one, or a defined nominal value. DXQenergy.management is suitable for all industry sectors and can be retrofitted to existing plants with network-compatible sensors.

 For more information, visit: www.durr.com.