Hexigone Inhibitors announced its exclusive partnership with First Quality Chemicals, a specialty chemicals distributor in Mexico. The partnership will bring Hexigone's products to new customers in Mexico, further expanding the company's reach in the Americas. First Quality Chemicals has over 20 years’ experience distributing specialty chemicals in Mexico and has over 1,000 customers.

"It’s great to expand our sales team via First Quality Chemicals," said Patrick Dodds, Ph.D., CEO of Hexigone. "We’ve already developed great relationships, and I have no doubt that our collaboration will be a successful one. The Mexican coatings market is still in transition from the most commonly used corrosion inhibitors – that have been banned in some other countries – to new technologies. Intelli-ion® will allow regional coatings customers to offer their customers a completely new way of protecting against corrosion as well as reformulating to optimize for performance, sustainability or cost.”

“We are fully committed to providing our customers with the latest technologies and the most innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals and manufacture products that can make the world a better place,” said Jaqueline Chinas, Awesome Dreams & Innovation leader at First Quality Chemicals. “We are sure that Intelli-ion it’s the perfect match for the coatings manufacturers’ formulations.”

Hexigone offers a solution to metal asset protection with their high-performance anti-corrosive additives for coatings, providing a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy metals, phosphates, and toxic chromates. Its corrosion inhibitor, Intelli-ion AX1, protects in a ‘smart’ way and is completely unique to the market. Intelligent micro-reservoirs enable the coatings to react faster to the environment, triggering the release of the inhibitor on demand.

For more information, visit: www.hexigone.com.