CHEVY CHASE, MD - RadTech International North America's Automotive Focus Group announced the launch of a team to promote potential uses of UV-cure technology in the automotive-refinish industry. The team will include representatives of coatings manufacturers and raw-material and equipment suppliers, the organization said.

David Diehl, president of RadTech, said the use of UV-cure technology in the auto-refinish market is "poised for rapid growth" due to the technology's attributes in terms of quality, rapid processing capabilities and environmental benefits. Chuck Cameron, Ciba Specialty Chemicals and a co-chairman of the RadTech Automotive Focus Group, said every automobile produced in the United States contains "some type of UV-cured component."

"We see UV as a truly enabling technology for automakers, which will allow them to do things they couldn't otherwise accomplish like the work that's been done on SMC primers to prevent defects," Cameron said. "RadTech has been a leading force in creating more awareness of the benefits of UV in the auto industry. I think the refinish effort is perfectly timed and well suited to our overall mission."

Individuals interested in participating in the refinish team should contact RadTech at 240/497.1243, e-mail A recent article on UV automotive refinishing can be viewed at