SAN FRANCISCO - The recent Colorizer Associates Inc. annual general meeting in San Francisco offered reports on new developments in the group's Colorizer 1320 Palette, including new color-tool concepts and displays.

Programs on equipment, technology and software advances also highlighted the meeting of the marketing organization of 33 independent coatings manufacturing companies.

Also during the meeting, Casey McCormick of McCormick Paint Works was elected Colorizer Associates president for 2004-05. Also elected were Vice President Todd Braden, Rodda Paint Co.; Secretary Doug Vogel, Diamond Vogel Paints; and Treasurer Dick Cunningham, Passonno Paints.

The organization also approved the creation of a new marketing committee that will meet on a semi-annual basis. Noel Booker, Progress Paints, was named chairman of the committee, which was charged with the task of keeping the organization informed about marketing, merchandising and retail trends. The panel also assumes responsibility for programs related to long-term marketing analysis and strategic planning.

More information is available on the organization's website, located at