SOUTHFIELD, MI — BASF Automotive Refinish’s EXTREME COLORS line of color-shifting automotive-refinish paints has received the “Award for Excellence in Material Development” from Material ConneXion, a New York City-based organization that collects and distributes information on new materials for use by designers, engineers, contractors, and others. The award is based on jury review by a panel of materials experts.

Pigments used to create the line of color-shifting paint were developed using an aluminum flake. In a patented, controlled process, the flake is coated with an intermediate layer that bends light reflected by the flake. Then, the outer portion of the pigment is coated with a semitransparent coating that actually draws light in toward the flake, BASF said. Varying the thickness of the coatings determines the colors and “traveling,” or shift, characteristics of the paint.

Information about products and images of materials contained in Material ConneXion’s archives can be obtained from the organization’s website,, or by calling 212/445.8825.