SAO PAULO, Brazil - BASF Coatings presented the city of Sao Paulo with 15,000 liters of the company's Suvinil brand architectural coatings for "The Wall," a legal-graffiti art project celebrating the Brazilian city's 450th anniversary. The paint was used by artists who created a colorful and creative spectacle along two main roads in the city - the Avenidas Paulista and Reboucas.

Propelled by the idea of getting young people of the street while upgrading the quality of graffiti-style art, the "Sao Paulo Capital Graffiti" project was coordinated by the Brazilian initiative "Projeto Aprendiz," and involved a cultural exchange of Sao Paulo and Paris.

BASF Coatings said it also has provided assistance to Sao Paulo with the project "Suvinil Color: Architecture and Memory," an initiative with a mission of restoration of the city's historical monuments. The company said the project currently is providing a fresh coat of paint for the Jesuit school Patio do Colegio, the chapael of the Santa Casa de Misericorida hospital, and the Colegio Mackenzie.