One-Of-A-Kind Roll-Fed Film System Offers Cutting-Edge Way to Differentiate Your Packaging…With the Same Superior Look of Litho-Printed Cans and Lower Total Applied Cost than Cut and Stack

The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of high-quality, low-cost roll-fed film, now offers its exclusive ColorWrap™ system to the coatings industry. The unique roll-fed system allows coatings manufacturers to easily upgrade their packaging from litho-printed cans, or cut and stack labels, to the quicker and more cost-efficient roll-fed decorative option. The system also provides one-of-a-kind shelf appeal that clearly helps to distinguish brands and products – a competitive advantage that ultimately helps increase sales.

“ColorWrap films not only provide the premium look of a litho-printed can, but they do so without the costs normally associated with litho,” said Patrick Kennedy, vice president of Marketing/Sales at The Kennedy Group. “Utilizing ColorWrap from The Kennedy Group can translate into significant cost savings for our customers. Benefits over the standard litho-printed cans include quicker lead times and eliminating the need for warehousing. And at the same time, the ColorWrap process requires less setup and down time, which are characteristics commonly associated with glue applicators used in standard cut and stack labeling. All of these benefits equal a lower total applied cost in comparison to litho, and cut and stack labels.”

Utilizing the latest in roll-fed technology and The Kennedy Group’s industry-leading patented labeling system, ColorWrap films are automatically applied around one-gallon and pint-sized paint cans. With this state-of-the-art application technology, each container is oriented to ensure the ColorWrap film is applied in a fashion that enhances quality and efficiency. Once wrapped around the can and seamed securely into place, ColorWrap films are highly durable, moisture resistant and will not tear or scratch from shipping and handling, ensuring that product presentation is never compromised.

In addition to the advanced application technology and high quality, ColorWrap films offer the flexibility to add unique dimension and “hot stamp” foil looks that rival that of litho-printed cans. The films supply depth, dimension and overall shelf appeal that help set brands and products apart from competitors. In addition to the dimensional graphics, ColorWrap is available in opaque white, metallic and holographic materials that increase shelf appeal with a high-impact, contemporary feel. And, ColorWrap also offers the flexibility to modify copy or graphics for seasonal or regional promotions.

While maintaining the high-quality, attractive look of litho-printed cans, the ColorWrap product has a minimal turn around production time and can be produced in various run quantities. This is unlike litho-printed cans, which generally have long lead times and must be produced in large volumes, therefore necessitating additional warehouse storage space and subsequent increased costs. An added benefit of variable run sizes is the flexibility it provides the customer to modify copy or graphics for use in highly specific marketing campaigns such as regional or seasonal promotions.

ColorWrap films are also a much more cost-effective technique than the standard cut and stack labeling method. The ColorWrap product greatly improves operational efficiencies by reducing the set-up and down time associated with standard glue applicators. In addition to operational benefits, ColorWrap provides a premium look and appearance that is superior to typical cut and stack labeling.

To assist with execution, The Kennedy Group offers a complete turnkey system for coatings manufacturers to effectively implement the ColorWrap system. The Kennedy Group’s ColorWrap™ 100 applicator system can apply up to 300 containers per minute with easy container changeovers of 20 minutes or less, providing label changes in seconds. The Kennedy Group offers several attractive financial programs for easy implementation with no capital expenditure outlay.

Customers will be able to achieve superior graphics and quality utilizing The Kennedy Group’s pre-press department in combination with its cutting-edge printing technology. Because The Kennedy Group has the marketplace experience and the capacity to handle large volumes and multiple SKU’s, it is fully equipped to handle the label and packaging needs for all its customers from inception to implementation. Additionally, equipment rentals and leasing options are available. Once integrated, The Kennedy Group’s team of highly skilled technicians will provide the support needed.

For more information about ColorWrap and other labeling products and services from The Kennedy Group, contact Mary Roddy, market manager for the Label and Packaging Division, at

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