HarmoniX is a powerful new AFM mode that provides, for the first time, true nanoscale quantitative material property mapping of adhesion, stiffness, dissipation, peak force and average force for a wide range of materials.

Unlike any technique before it, HarmoniX delivers these precise property maps in real time and with the high resolution you expect in TappingMode™ imaging, all while you simultaneously acquire the other popular images you are used to from your Veeco SPM. This technique is effective for characterization of soft materials, thin films, small particles or domains within a bulk solid.

Developed by Veeco in partnership with Ozgur Sahin of the Rowland Institute at Harvard University, HarmoniX utilizes the full capabilities of the NanoScope® V Controller and the advanced design of Veeco HarmoniX Probes by enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio of the cantilever harmonics in TappingMode, coupling the normal forces of the tip with the torsional, or “twisting” motion of the cantilever. This combination of controller speed, innovative probe design, proprietary sofware and industry-standard TappingMode enables the HarmoniX technique, while limiting deformation depths to as little as 1nm.

Only Veeco HarmoniX Nanoscale Material Property Mapping delivers the full harmonics spectrum of data that can take your research to new levels of discovery.

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