Mainstream Product Compliance Across Multiple ERP/PLM Systems

Atrion International launched the company’s new technology platform for product compliance that will now be at the core of its product and business development strategies. ACE™ will enable a wide spectrum of customers including partners, resellers and clients to gain access to Atrion’s 20 years of regulatory expertise in content development and achieve sustainable and scalable, corporate-wide product compliance across multiple ERP/PLM systems.

ACE bridges the industry gaps, ‘white spaces’ and disjointed silos of information traditionally associated with product compliance, making it a more mainstream and universal process regardless of the ERP/PLM environment. The technology platform enables external systems to tap into Atrion's vast libraries of Managed Regulatory Content by leveraging a secure conduit for processing requests, and returning responses that can be further consumed as part of the business process.

“The ACE platform is Atrion’s next-generation technology and represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of our solutions,” said Patrick J. Lavoie, President and CEO of Atrion International. “Atrion’s Compliance Engine for EH&S (for customers using SAP® EH&S) and our latest version of RegDBOnline™ are just two of our products that are already leveraging the ACE platform, and we’re currently developing a variety of other ‘Powered by ACE™’ applications that will be introduced later this year. We’re also working in collaboration with several strategic business partners to bring additional solutions to market before year-end.”

According to AMR Research’s Simon Jacobson in his February 19, 2009 article “REACHing Downstream: Complex Chemicals Compliance Initiatives Highlight Need for Tighter MSDS Strategies,” the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling (GHS), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), and the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) directive, are driving the need for tightly interwoven product regulatory data management strategies that increase awareness of the evolving and dynamic regulatory requirements for ongoing hazard and risk analysis. These new initiatives are also helping to demonstrate the need for regulatory data transparency across company and industry lines, stretching from upstream in chemicals all the way through to retail, in order to mitigate value chain risk.”

Embedded Product Compliance

ACE will enable ERP/PLM providers to deliver value-added solutions with embedded product compliance, and direct access to Atrion’s dynamic and up-to-date Managed Regulatory Content, which consists of data on over 250,000 chemical substances, 15,000 regulatory phrases in 44 languages, 7,500 proprietary rules, and 100 templates spanning 50 plus countries. Such comprehensive regulatory coverage affords ERP/PLM solutions providers the ability to focus on their core competencies, better support customer demands for Master Data Management and fill what has traditionally been a "white space" for product compliance.

Versatile Expansion Platform for ISV/VARs

ISV/VARs will also be able to expand their product portfolio and generate more revenues by rapidly developing tailored ‘Powered by ACE’ applications that address customer-specific needs. Atrion’s partners will gain time-to-market advantages and cost savings by embedding ACE in their own branded product line.

Product Compliance Across Blended ERP/PLM Environments

In addition, ACE will serve the needs of process and discrete manufacturing organizations with blended ERP/PLM environments and limited IT and EH&S resources. These organizations will leverage ACE as a universal product compliance hub to develop a scalable solution that enables them to easily and cost-effectively address compliance challenges regardless of their size or operating environment.

About Atrion International

Atrion International Inc., founded in 1989, delivers the most reliable, product compliance solutions for multinational ‘formula-based’ companies. By integrating the largest set of managed regulatory content into a prepackaged automated solution and connecting to key ERP systems, Atrion’s Product Compliance Solution ensures that products will reach customers with minimal risks to brand image and shareholder value. Atrion International is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with offices in the United States and Europe.

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