CINCINNATI - Effective Jan. 15, 2010, or as contracts allow, the Functional Products division of Cognis Corp. is increasing prices for selected products within the Dimer and Resins product group.
Pricing will increase as follows: Versamid® liquid polyamide epoxy curatives will increase three percent; Versacure® and Versamid solvent blends and Genamid® liquid epoxy curatives will increase two percent; CEX®, VCX® and Versamine® curatives will increase two percent, except for Versamine I-70, which will increase by three percent; Versamid solid thermoplastic surface resins will increase five percent; Versamid solid thermoplastic lamination resins will increase three percent; and Empol® Trimer Series will increase five percent.
New prices will be applied to all orders for products shipped on or after Jan. 15, 2010.