Sansin Corporation, announced the introduction of its new Eco-Tone™ color system.

Sansin Corporation, a leader in researching and developing environmentally friendly interior and exterior wood stains, announced the introduction of its new Eco-Tone™ color system, a color additive for its Purity® interior zero-VOC base wood stain that delivers dye-like color with a fraction (1/10th) of the toxicity found in conventional, solvent-based dyes.

“The challenge for our industry has been that no matter how low in VOCs you get the base stain, you will see a dramatic increase in VOC content – sometimes as much as 100% – once color is added,” said Sjoerd Bos, Vice President of Sansin Corporation. “This is why we’ve developed our own color system – to give customers an amazing color palette without the spike in toxins.”

Sansin’s new Eco-Tone colors use pure pigments, ground so fine they are able to combine with the Purity zero-VOC base for a more sustainable ‘green’ alternative to traditional dyes. Once applied to a home interior, they penetrate deeply, pulling the pigmentation down into the wood for color that is vibrant and crisp.

Sansin’s Purity interior zero-VOC stain delivers the following features:
  • Zero VOCs;

  • Little to no odor;

  • Ease of application, with the choice of a wipe or spray stain;

  • Fast dry time, allowing coating with Sansin’s interior clears after only 15 minutes;

  • Minimum pigment transfer upon top coating;

  • Excellent penetration;

  • Excellent lapping performance;

  • Extremely uniform appearance, even on maple; and

  • Available in a new line of 16 colors, which deliver the vibrancy and richness of dyes without the high toxicity.

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