HOUSTON – International Paint LLC, an AkzoNobel company and provider of high-performance protective coatings, linings and fire protection products, has set a new record for receiving the most category award wins by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC).

For the ninth time in 12 years, Director of Engineering and Technical Services Mike O’Donoghue and Technical Leadership and Business Development Manager Vijay Datta are the recipients of four Outstanding Publication Awards, three Journal of Protective Coatings & Linings (JPCL) Editor’s Awards and winners of two President’s Lecture Series.

The record was achieved when the duo, with co-authors Mike Winter and Carl Reed, received the 2010 JPCL Editor’s Award for the article entitled, “Hubble, Bubble, Tests, and Trouble: The Dark Side of Misreading the Relevance of Coating Testing,” which first appeared in the May 2010 issue of JPCL. The judging process was based on a survey submitted by industry peers and specific criteria set by SSPC judges, including organization, originality and importance to the protective coatings industry.

In addition, for the third time in three straight years, an International Paint coating system received SSPC’s Charles G. Munger Award for a project that demonstrates the greatest longevity of the original coatings system.