THEODORE, AL - BLP Mobile Paint Manufacturing Co., Theodore, AL, has made a number of personnel changes that became effective July 5, 2011.

Robert A. (Bob) Williams was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Williams retired as President on July 5 after 57 years of service with Mobile Paint Co., the last 27 years serving as President. In addition to his work with Mobile Paint Co., Williams has served on the boards of numerous regional, national and international coatings organizations. He is presently on the Board of Directors of the American Coatings Association. Williams plans to continue his involvement with Mobile Paint Co. in an advisory capacity and through his work on the Board of Directors.

William Miles Tunno, Jr. was named President of Mobile Paint Co. Before joining Mobile Paint, Tunno served as the Senior Vice President of Sales for the Comex Group of North America and was a member of its Board of Directors.

Founded in 1921, Mobile Paint Manufacturing Co. is an independent regional paint manufacturing company. The company distributes and sells its products throughout the 19 southeastern states, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Russia. The company’s production facility and headquarters are located in Theodore, AL. Mobile Paint’s 16 retails stores operate as BLP Paint Stores.