Binks and DeVilbiss have developed equipment options that offer significantly higher levels of contaminant-free finishing. The Binks line of high efficiency spray booth air filters (AF HE) provide "two-in-one" performance, with a backing behind two layers to absorb 99.81% of all errant spray emitted. This compares with standard filter efficiency of only 98.1% and offers significant cost savings and a cleaner environment. Initial testing has shown that the Binks AF HE Filers can potentially save finishers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year due to dramatically reduced number of spray booth filter changes.

The DeVilbiss Clean Air product lines provide the fine finishing necessary for delicate finishing applications, where high solids and waterbornes are extremely sensitive to contaminants. According to the company, the Clean Air products remove contaminants from the system down to microscopic levels, ensuring a quality finish for even the most sensitive of applications. By filtering out airborne contaminants and excess moisture, the products can extend the life of air-operated tools and provide the best finishing possible for a variety of industrial applications.

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