Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (NPC) has finalized its purchase of the majority of Rohm and Haas Company's (ROH) Automotive Coatings business, and will introduce NB Coatings, Inc. to serve North American customers. NPC purchased the wholly owned Rohm and Haas business in North America and Rohm and Haas' 50% share of the companies' joint ventures, Morton Nippon Coatings (MNC) in North America and Nippon Bee Chemical (NBC) in Japan. The second joint venture, NBC, will remain under the same company name. According to NPC, this purchase and introduction of NB Coatings unites the decade-long partnering organizations under one strategy to create a leading position in the North American plastic automotive coatings market.

John Culbertson, former vice president of Rohm and Haas and business unit director for Automotive Coatings, will assume the position of NB Coatings president. "Judging by the success of our previous joint ventures with Nippon, I have great confidence for the future of NB Coatings," said Culbertson. "Our combined strategic focus and market leadership in paint on plastic will strengthen NB Coatings' customer offerings for our North American customers and OEMs, and continue to build upon Nippon's strong relationships with Japanese OEMs."

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