Crosslink has unveiled a new family of conductive polymer coatings for capacitor anodes, called Crosslink EMPACT. According to the company, the new coatings offer upgrades in functionality and ease of application over current capacitor coating technologies.

The announcement came as part of a presentation given by Patrick Kinlen, Ph.D., Crosslink's chief technology officer, at the CARTS USA 2007 conference. In his presentation, Kinlen focuses on new varieties of soluble doped polyanilines (PANI) with tunable work functions, a property that reportedly is unique to these polymers. Crosslink Energy Materials, the division of Crosslink that will market Crosslink EMPAC, has developed a proprietary doping process to use this function.

According to Crosslink, the new coatings will increase the speed at which a capacitor can release its charge, lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) and increase capacitance per unit volume with less manufacturing time compared to other conductive polymer coatings. The new coatings also require no in situ polymerization and only 1-5 dip steps, while current coating systems require as many as 40. The coatings reportedly provide even coverage, and moisture and humidity have no effect on the coatings’ conductivity.

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