Encore Automation, Auburn Hills, MI, has selected DELMIA Robotics from Dassault Systemes as its simulation tool used in the development of sophisticated robotic systems for the automotive industry, including a paint quality inspection system.

The paint quality inspection system automates what has historically been a manual process by using robots and vision technology to measure paint thickness, as well as examine general paint uniformity and overall appearance. Each robot is equipped with up to three inspection tools on its end-of-arm device. There is a tool for implementing film build thickness measurement using PELT® (pulse echo layer thickness) technology, and a separate tool for paint appearance that relies on wave scan technology. The company is currently in the process of adding color match determination with X-Rite’s Car Flash unit. A laser-positioning sensor will determine where the robot needs to locate in order to gather the various measurements.

DELMIA Robotics is an integrated solution that will enable Encore Automation to design, simulate, optimize, and program robotic workcells in a 3D digital factory environment. Additionally, V5 Robotics can capture and reuse best practices, leverage programming knowledge and automate the repetitive work of robot programming, helping to reduce cost, design and manufacturing time, and accelerating the time-to-market.

”Without simulation, it would be nearly impossible to verify that the robots can perform so many functions within the target cycle times and physical parameters,” said Encore Automation proposal manager, Curt White. “With DELMIA V5 Robotics, we can clearly illustrate via 3D animations that the cells will, indeed, perform exactly or even better than intended.” White added that many of Encore Automation’s engineers had previously worked with the DELMIA IGRIP UltraPaint solution and, as their robotic lines continued to become more multi-task oriented, found that DELMIA Robotics solution would be the best way to address their future needs.

For more details, visitwww.encoreautomation.comorwww.delmia.com. Dassault Systemes’ website is atwww.3ds.com.