Chartek 4901FRA from International Paint LLC is a new solvent-free, epoxy-based intumescent fireproofing technology specially designed to meet the changing needs of the rail industry. The material is engineered to protect steel, aluminum and other substrates from hydrocarbon and cellulosic fires. The proprietary formulation reportedly offers good adhesion and durability properties for impact and explosion resistance, jet fire protection and corrosion control.

Unlike the bulkier, less-durable ceramic fiber and steel cladding fireproofing systems that require pins, welding and up to eight steps for application, the new material reportedly can be applied directly to the blasted surface at 5 mm thickness in just one step, using a two-component heated plural spray unit, or modified airless sprayer. The thinner, lower-weight material allows the rail car to move through the fabrication shop much faster, while also providing more cargo storage area inside the rail car. According to the company, maintenance costs are also dramatically reduced because any damaged areas can be easily detected and repaired using the same one-step process.

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